Ono Uniforms

anti microbial uniforms

Our latest challenges made us tweak our uniforms with added protection!

The requirements were that it should be Anti Microbial, Odour free, Durable, Quick-Drying, Comfortable to wear & Soft against skin, Have minimal creasing, Be extra good at wicking away moisture from the skin and neat details.

Our engineers sharpened their pencils and got to work. And ONO SHIELD was born!

The Anti Microbial Range includes uniforms engineered with fabrics that are treated with Anti microbial additives during the manufacturing process to make it resistant to microbes. This unique patented technology contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate on bacterial growth, without affecting the inherent charectistics of the fibre, making our uniforms resistant to microbial growth adding long lasting freshness.

onoshield anti microbial additives are suitable for addition to both synthetic and natural fibres including: polypropylene (PE) | Polythelene Terephthalate (PET) | Nylon (PA) | Wool | Cotton | Silk.

benefits of ONOSHIELD - the anti microbial range

Wash after Wash, OnoShield Anti Microbial uniforms are proven to resist harmful bacteria by upto 99.9%. This inbuilt protection means uniforms crafted with our antimicrobial treatments are less sesceptible to staining, bad odours and degradation.

ONOSHIELD antimicrobial range maintains high levels of anti bacterial performance for their expected lifetime, making them ideal corporate uniforms for sectors like hospitality, safety, housekeeping, healthcare, corporate wear, on the go etc,.